Most of us have a clear idea of the things we want to do when we’ve finished working for a living, but we’re really not sure how we’ll afford them. As an individual, business owner or professional, you want to make sure all your hard work is rewarded. This is where the dream of retiring comfortably can turn into a nightmare!

Recent studies show that over 60% of people surveyed feel confident that they will retire comfortably. Ironically, nearly the same percent surveyed have no idea how much money it will take to do so. The same studies show that 60% of all people currently saving for retirement will not have adequate resources to retire as they imagine.

Listen, "ain't nobody got time for that"! We're trying to retire and retire BIG. You can be young without money, but you can't be old without it. It may sound harsh but it is what it is sis. 

Road to $1M will help 10 women secure a $1M safety net for themselves and their families. The top benefits of creating a financial safety net is peace of mind and freedom to live life on your terms. It means regardless how bad you F up in life, as long as you stick to your plan you'll be ok in the end! Well, really you'll be more than ok, you'll be a damn millionaire!
Hyatt Regency Houston Galleria
2626 Sage Rd, Houston, TX 77056
Date & Time
November 14, 2021,
10:30 AM - 2:30 PM
What is Road to $1M?
Hosted by Star B. Melancon, financial strategist and founder of SHEbuildingHER, Road to $1M is an in-person retirement goal planning and implementation experience. Attendees leave with a $1M retirement investment strategy implemented and set on autopilot.
Why Road to $1M?
This experience was birthed from the need of a community. Surprisingly there are very few, straight forward resources to help new or soon-to-be investors craft a plan for retirement income. Major financial institutions require you to have a min of $25,000 currently invested with them to get on the phone and even have a conversation about planning. While the experience of hiring a financial planner is often convoluted by fees on fees on fees. They charge a combination of flat fees, commission, hourly rates, retainer fees, and a percentage of your assets. By the time you've tried to comb through who to trust, how much the fees will total, if they are accepting new clients, etc you've likely decided you'll "do it later". Unfortunately later usually doesn't come and you go another five years with no plan in place. Again, "aint nobody got time for that"!
Attendee Experience
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What's included in your ticket?
> 3 hour Group Financial Strategy Session Pre-event including Zero Based Spending Plan preparation:
This is when the magic starts. Our group will meet virtually for about 3 hours to create your spending plan (aka budget). You will also submit additional info, necessary for me to CUSTOMIZE your stock investment plan and present it to you at the event.

>Done-for-you reallocation of funds to use toward Retirement Investing:
After creating your spending plan we'll have the opportunity to move your money around and ensure you have at least $500 per month to invest COMFORTABLY (I don't want to deprive you of your normal spending).

> 1:1 Guidance setting up your Retirement Account in real time
> Automatic recurring account integrations + done-for-you investment selections
> Session: Money Mindset + The Financial stuff nobody wants to talk about
> Session: Strategies to help navigate Retirement Planning with your Spouse
> 1:1 Guidance determining your Retirement $ Number
> Professionally bound Financial Portfolio + Workbook curated personally for each attendee
> Session: Open Q&A
> Luxe Attendee Bag
> Mid-morning smoothie
> Plated 3 course lunch including Filet Mignon and Herb Crusted Salmon options
> Valet Parking
> The Millionaire's Champagne Toast
Who is this event for?
+ Women with a minimum of $500/mo OR $6000/yr in disposable income
+ Women who have at least 10 years before legal retirement age
+ Women with less than $25,000 currently invested
+ Women who do not have/ utilize a current IRA account
+ Women committed to their investment/ retirement journey
+ Women seeking a network of like-minded and like-spirited women
+ Women who enjoy beautifully curated, finance focused events
+ Women with a positive mindset, and positive energy / vibes
Who this event is NOT for?
- Men
- Women already maxing out their retirement account annually
- Women with less than $500/mo OR $6000/yr in disposable income
- Women with $25,000+ invested with one financial institution
-Women still deciding if planning for retirement now is a necessity
-Women with 10 years or less before age 60
- Women with a law enforcement record (may not be approved for the investment account)
- Anyone who thinks Beyonce' is overrated
 Join us on November 14 
We look forward to hosting you!
Here's what to expect from the application process: 

If you choose to apply you will be required to complete a short application and submit payment information. Due to seats being VERY limited (only 10 available) each application will be manually reviewed to ensure the experience will deliver maximum results for the attendee. Criteria from the above "Who is this event for" section is considered for each applicant. Applications will be processed in the order they are received. If your application is declined, your payment will be cancelled immediately. If your application is approved, you will receive an email containing your PDF ticket, and additional information at the email address you provide. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us directly [email protected]
Will my payment be processed immediately?

Yes, when you submit your application the payment will be processed. If your application is declined the payment will be cancelled immediately.
I have fewer than 10 years before retirement, but I meet all the other requirements. Am I too old to attend?

Umm, you're not "too old"for anything! This stipulation was put in place strictly due to compound interest. It's very difficult to see any substantial growth via compounding without leaving your money in the market for 10+ years.
Is the VIP ticket my only option?

Yes, there are only 10 seats available, therefore every woman will receive the VIP experience.
Can I apply for a seat in Houston if I live in a different state?

Yes, of course! As long as you are comfortable traveling to Houston, TX for the event you are more than welcome to attend.
Is there a Virtual option for those who can not attend in person?

Due to the extremely hands-on nature of the event there is no virtual option at this time.
If I already have a ROTH IRA can am I disqualified from attending the event?

Not necessarily. It depends on if you are currently maxing out your annual IRA contribution. If you already have an IRA and are maxing it out this event is probably not the best fit for you.
Are you hosting this event in any other cities?

I'd like to but no other cities are confirmed at this time. If you are interested in attending this event in San Francisco, CA let us know via [email protected]
Is this a 1 day event?

Yes, the event is 1 day.
November 14, 2021
In person in Houston, TX.
Contact Us
[email protected]

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