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CGC on Race

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STANDARD - CGC on Race Facilitation


STANDARD: 90-min interactive facilitated Zoom engagement. Gain insightful knowledge and understanding of today's societal dynamics through the lens of historical context. Purchase a ticket for your company, school, church or group of any kind and we will schedule a Zoom experience with you for up to 50 participants.

CUSTOMIZED - CGC on Race Facilitation


Group registrations only. Registration will result in a follow-up email to discuss scheduling & cost for a CUSTOMIZED CGC on Race Facilitation for your group/organization/institution/corporation. For companies of all sizes, schools, universities, organizations, institutions, nonprofits and small groups.

Common Ground Conversations on Race Journey


FOR COMPANIES, ORGANIZATIONS, INSTITUTIONS, GROUPS ... Register to schedule a customized CGC on Race Journey for your group >>> The CGC on Race Journey consists of: 10 online modules over 5 continuous weeks 90-minute weekly online sessions (2 modules per session) / CGC on Race Journey Workbook (upon completion of Journey) / Interactive, energetic, empowering participant discourse / New information, resources and perspectives to equip societal change agents / Supportive, interactive space for growth in cultural awareness & competence / Practical tools to engage others in local communities and work environments / Weekly exploratory practices that foster empathy, new understanding and personal growth / Foundation upon which to develop and create specific actionable steps / Focus on initial steps toward cultivating local systemic change

Book Mike & Emily to speak


Book Mike & Emily for your event. Register with this ticket to schedule a conversation with Mike & Emily and establish an engagement date to speak at your event.

How to Talk to Kids About Riots in America Today (E-book - 3 Tools)


On Jan 6, 2021, rioters violently invaded the US Capitol. Last year, riots occurred in many cities. How are these related? Why do riots occur? We produced a 37-page e-book for adults to use in helping children understand the current volatile events occurring across America. Upon receipt of your ticket, we will email you this valuable resource within 24 hours. To support our efforts, please order as many copies as you plan to share. Thank you.