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General Admission (Advance) - 7:00 PM 119 Spadina Ave - $20


General Admission (Advance) -  7:00 PM 119 Spadina Ave

Date Night Out (Includes 2 Tickets) - 7:00 PM 119 Spadina Ave - $30


General Admission (Includes 2 Tickets) -  7:00 PM 119 Spadina Ave

VIP - 6:00 PM 119 Spadina Ave - $35


VIP tickets are only available to patrons who have purchased GENERAL ADMISSION or DATE NIGHT OUT tickets. 

Patrons who have purchased DATE NIGHT OUT tickets must purchase 2 VIP tickets to redeem their DATE NIGHT OUT offer. If only one VIP ticket is purchased with DATE NIGHT OUT, only one person may attend the VIP event.

VIP tickets include:

  • Early Entrance
  • Meet & Greet
  • Intimate 30-minute acoustic set
  • Complimentary drink ticket
  • Gift bag with a lanyard and sticker pack.