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"Cow Hand" All Access THREE DAY GATE PASS


Your "Cow Hand" Gate Pass entitles you to enjoy the festivities all weekend long (Friday, Saturday & Sunday). Your Gate Pass INCLUDES a Prog On The Ranch commemorative wristband, all the live music on The Grid from morning till night each day, PLUS private concerts by our SEVEN Featured Bands & Artists, a Homemade country breakfast buffet every morning, FREE RV & Tent Camping, a delicious western style "get-together" barbecue for all of our guests and live acoustic music on Thursday afternoon & evening. PLUS a huge bonfire every night!!! Includes coffee, tea & bottled water for the duration of the event. Your Gate Pass is fully refundable at any time if you need to cancel for any reason.

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"Ranch Hand" Premium THREE DAY GATE PASS


The "Ranch Hand" Premium Gate Pass is just the ticket for those of you who truly love what we all do here together, and feel that "Prog On The Ranch" as a concept and a destination is something very special, and also something that you would like to contribute to. For that, we humbly thank you in advance, and we truly appreciate your generous contribution!! _______________________________________________________ To thank you for your additional support, we are offering a "Ranch Hand" Premium Gate Pass which offers ALL the live music, food, & fun that the "Cow Hand" Gate Pass offers, PLUS three special additional items: 1.) A brand new original custom designed Limited Edition "Prog On The Ranch" logo T-shirt (which will only be available in advance with the Ranch Hand Gate Pass) 2.) A beautiful porcelain 14oz coffee mug with our original "Astronaut in the Pasture" artwork. 3.) A unique 3 inch "Prog On The Ranch 2023" logo decal TOTAL VALUE $38.00 _______________________________________________________ As many of you know, we're always looking to improve, build and make this event bigger & better each year. We want to surprise you every time you come to the ranch!! However there's still so much to do, to make The Crimson Sky Ranch a unique destination for "Prog Oriented" music lovers to enjoy listening to, AND performing live the pasture. In fact, we'll likely still be putting finishing touches on our newest planned projects when you arrive here in February. So again, we sincerely THANK YOU!! * * * Your Gate Pass is fully refundable at any time if you need to cancel for any reason.

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The ONE DAY Gate Pass" Includes ALL the music and amenities of the basic "Cow Hand Gate Pass" including all the food and live music, but for ONE full day & night ONLY.