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Fest Ticketing

Advance Discounts / Pricing Levels End-Dates:

Luck of the Draw:  thru Sept 15:  

Early Bird #1:  thru Nov 12

Early Bird #2:  thru Dec 15

Full Pricing @ Online: thru Dec 30

Walk Up Sales: Dec 30 and 31

NOTE: The 'Guaranteed Seating @ Headline Show and 'VIP' tix are Limited Qty.  The 'Dogs in a Pile' tix are VERY Limited Qty.

Please Note: We DO NOT CHARGE a Service $ Fee on the Advance/discount admissions. The only extra charge you will see is the credit card processing fee of approx 3%. 

A (very) small Service fee WILL be added when the pricing resorts to Regular $ mode!

With this consideration, we hope that you will "pay back the good deed" by adding a Donation to SHELTERS of SARATOGA, for which you will have that option on checkout. Please send them a direct $ dollar or two?

The ENTERTAINMENT SCHEDULE (Acts<>Venues<>Times) will be published on the Week of Nov 13.

That schedule and add'l FEST INFO is Here.  

Select Ticket(s)

General Admission -- Advance Sale


Single GA Entry to all entertainment advertised as being Official Fest shows between Dec 29 (Friday) and January 1 (Monday).

Note:  Some shows may reach legal Venue Capacity Limits.  If so, entry may be delayed, pending other attendees leaving the venue to open up additional entries.   Management predicts this is a likely scenario for the Dogs in a Pile show at Putnam Place. 

Note: Kids Under 16 are FREE (no badge needed) for all shows in the City Center and in our no-alcohol venues. 

No Refunds on Ticket Purchases unless BOTH of the top two headline acts fail to perform.

Upgrade To Guaranteed Seating - Headline Show @ City Center Advance Sale $40


The featured double bill (Joan Osborne + Robert Randolph) will perform in the Main Hall of City Center.  

This upgrade adds Guaranteed Entry/Seating at THAT plus a General Admission ticket ($25+$15=$40)

That GA gets you into all other venues/shows throughout downtown

This is a discounted Advance Sale. Qty is limited.

Dogs in Pile Combo: Fest GA + Guarantee Entry Putnam/Dogs in Pile - Advance Sale


Dogs in a Pile will perform at Putnam Place.

This upgrade combines a  Guaranteed Entry to this show to a Fest General Admission ticket.

As per:  this is a Fest General Admission ticket + a Guaranteed  Admission to Putnam / Dogs in a Pile (on the Sunday, 12/31 show @ only). 

Advance Ticket Discount:  $25 Fest GA + $30 Dogs in a Pile Guaranteed Admission = $50.  This price will go UP at the end of the Advance Sales period.

This is a discounted Advance Sale. Qty is VERY limited.

VIP Experience - Advance Sale



General Admission to all shows and venues.

Guaranteed front section seating to the headliners show at the City Center Main Hall.

VIP Lounge @ side-stage. Food. 

Qty is limited to 200 at this price, at which time the it will rise to $100.