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Vineyard Nordic Leaders Summit 2023

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Standard Fee


Attending the whole conference (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

(Approx. 865 SEK - 590 DKK)

Family Flex


For families with small children only – 2 parents can share one ticket (only counts when buying a ticket for the entire conference, not a single day pass)

(Approx. 865 SEK - 590 DKK)

Evening pass


Thursday, Friday or Saturday evening

(Approx. 190 SEK - 130 DKK)

Single day pass


Attend the conference for a full day either Friday or Saturday

(Approx. 365 SEK - 250 DKK)

Two day pass


Attend the conference Friday and Saturday.

(Approx. 690 SEK - 470 DKK)

One and a half day pass


Attend the conference Thursday + Friday or Saturday 

(Approx. 530 SEK - 360 DKK)

Worship gathering, Pre-Summit (8th-9th)


Since we are gathering for our Vineyard Nordic Summit, and we are having National Summercamps in the Summer, we want to invite all the worshipers in our Nordic countries and churches to come a day early and spend time together as a Nordic worship community.

We want to inspire, encourage, equip and build valuable relationships across countries and churches, as we grow and develop in each of our countries - and we will of course worship together and pray for each other. 

(Approx. 115 SEK - 80 DKK)